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GMOs Are Green

On 25, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In Blog | By admin


However, there is one specific point regarding this matter that a lot of opponents bring up with which I disagree. They argue that those of us who support GM crops are anti-environment. I would argue that’s wrong, completely 180 degrees wrong. In the coming years, planting GM crops might indeed be the only way we will be able to feed a burgeoning population without devastating the environment.

I was reminded of this earlier this year in reading a piece in the Los Angeles Times about an activist who helped start the anti-GM movement in England in the 1990s, but has since had a change of heart. Last month at the Oxford Farming Conference in Oxford, England, Mark Lynas renounced his opposition.

Read the entire Op-Ed here



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NH Agriculture Report

On 15, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In Blog, Featured | By admin

GM Crops – Miner Report
Editorial Opinion
Just when we thought that farmers wouldn’t plant any more genetically modified crops the percentage
(and most likely the acreage as well) of GM corn increased in 2013, to 90% of all corn planted.
Soybeans have been stuck at 93% for several years now. Consider these percentages as you mull over
the impact of the labeling law being debated in several New England states. From the above percentages,
it certainly seems that a high percentage of foods containing corn or soybean products (including corn
oil and soybean oil) must be made from GM crops. Changing this will be like stopping a runaway train.
One of the claims made against GM crops is that they’re responsible for all sorts of diseases including
obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.
And it’s true that the incidence of these diseases or conditions has increased in the past decade or two.
However, Colleen Scherer, managing editor of “Ag Professional” magazine, notes that something else
that has increased tremendously in the same time period: The consumption of organic food! Does eating
organic food cause these diseases?

Of course not: Coincidence does not equal proof. But there’s as
much evidence supporting organic foods as the reason for increased disease incidence as there is for
GM crops: None at all.
Ev Thomas, Miner Institute Report