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By admin

How new Crops help water conservation

On 21, Dec 2017 | No Comments | In Water Quality | By admin

Farm Babe: From organics to GMOs, any farmer can be an excellent conservationist

Over the years, we in agriculture have seen miraculous improvements in our industry. From better livestock and crop genetics, precision ag, sensors and drones, data points, hydroponics, reduced inputs, improved equipment with auto steering, GPS, even tractors that drive themselves! Technology has improved in every aspect of our lives, and farming is no exception.

Despite the fact that we are in a fast-paced, tech-savvy industry, people in general still seem to have a romantic image of farming. They want to envision beauty — the red barns, the families, the beautiful scenery, amber waves of grain. The good news is we can have both — technology just allows us to keep the lands more pristine than in generations past.

What I’m talking about is conservation. Yes, it is true that feeding our growing population has never and will never be perfect, but farmers today can combine their love of the land with technology to do our jobs more efficiently, while improving water quality issues, reducing erosion, and improving soil health.

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